Desktop Research: Applications for High-Speed Networking in Schools and School Systems

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Recommended Reading

  • ConnectedED Initiative
    In June 2013, President Obama announced his ConnectED Initiative that seeks to connect 99 per cent of K-12 schools to next generation broadband by 2018. Currently, less than 30 percent of American schools are connected to broadband that is able meet the learning needs of students. This initiative seeks to improve connectivity, increase use of funds and resources, and to improve teacher training using this technology through partnership with the FCC and the private sector.- ann ann May 24, 2015
  • Future Ready
    Related to the ConnectED initiative, is the US DOE's #FutureReady initiative which asks superintendents and other stakeholders to commit to transition to digital instruction and to help drive their colleagues in other districts to do the same. - shorr shorr May 6, 2015- keith.bockwoldt keith.bockwoldt May 17, 2015
  • SEND (Smart Education Networks by Design)
    A COSN Leadership Initiative that includes guidelines for network design, core recommendations, and a checklist for district network planning.
Student engagement and academic achievement can be transformed by 24/7 access to quality digital content and personalized learning models, but only if reliable education networks have been established. Furthermore, network designers must consider not only today's bandwidth demands, but also what future innovations may require.- KSchwartz KSchwartz May 13, 2015- keith.bockwoldt keith.bockwoldt May 17, 2015- anton.inglese anton.inglese May 17, 2015- marieb marieb May 18, 2015 doug0077 doug0077 May 23, 2015